Glute Strengthener

Let’s be clear and candid, the glutes are a very eye-catching muscle. No argument there. But more importantly, the glutes serve many more functional purposes than just being something that’s nice to look when shaped and strengthened. The glutes play a primary role in hip extension; think standing from a seated position (sitting up from the couch, toilet, walking up-stairs etc.) Hip extension is also involved heavily while running, throwing, punching, kicking and moving in a dynamic fashion. It’s also a key function for foundational movement patterns like the squat, lunge and movements that emphasize the hip hinge, like the deadlift and kettlebell swing.

A healthy, strong pair of glutes are therefor essential in preventing injuries, relieving pain in the back and knee, while being an incredible power generator. If you’re not giving your glutes the attention they deserve, expect some issues in the near future, if you’re not already experiencing some. The by-product of addressing this critical muscle head-on is having a nice pair of glutes. Nobody is complaining about that.

See you in class, ladies and gentleman.