Foundational Strength

Foundational strength sessions are your primary workouts of the week. These classes are the biggest needle movers in regards to becoming stronger, more powerful and achieving an incredible physique. They’re also incredibly important to pain-free performance.

Sessions are broken into either lower body focus, upper body focus or full-body focus, depending on the season of training. Foundational strength sessions follow a periodized, phased approach to strength training, with specific seasonal targets.

  • Winter is the time to build raw strength and support muscle growth, while also improving over-all fitness levels.
  • Spring is where we will continue the process of hypertrophy and achieve strength gains in a more dynamic fashion.
  • Summer is structured around sculpting and building lean muscle mass, while supporting a more fat burning approach to strength training, with the use of higher volume, more unique strength training methods.
  • Fall is where we begin to transition back into peak power, performance and strength gains.

All seasonal approaches will continuously support the BR365 Strength Labs mission, which is to help our clients become Strong, Fit & Resilient.